Innovation is a process

Energy Queensland is bringing together people from across its businesses to introduce them to a new way of thinking about innovation and change.  Our Manager of Strategic Innovation Seamas Kenny provides an insight into what it takes to become an innovator.

“Innovation is a process. It can be messy and chaotic sometimes, but it’s a process like any other.

”Creativity has a part to play but we should not depend on it. We get greater leverage by adding structure and guidance in our methods.

And with that, Seamas Kenny scattered to the winds any sense of mystery and awe anyone attending Energy Queensland’s InnovationQ Workshop might have had on the subject.

Teaching innovation processes is part of what the Manager of Strategic Innovation at Energy Queensland does to ensure good ideas are considered, discussed and nurtured into great ideas for the business.

“Innovation occurs all the time at EQL, whether we call it innovation or not, but it’s not something that used to come naturally to a company that never really needed to innovate greatly before – it was more important to keep the lights on and maintain an important infrastructural asset.” Kenny explained.

“But things evolved, and we now recognise innovation in three main categories – operational excellence, tactical and strategic - and the work we’re doing with the Innovation Hub and InnovationQ Workshops is educating people on the tools that can help them, as an individual or as part of a team.”

photo of Seamas-Kenny

Innovators need to ‘ask different’ – question the question. In looking for insight on solutions or opportunities they need to think different and to think different they need to see different by looking through other people’s eyes - like a customer - and seeing things with their lens.

Kenny is adamant that anybody can be an innovator and anyone who attends the workshop is presented with a toolkit to physically unpack to prove that. “It’s a box and there’s a story behind everything that’s in the box.”

“Quite often people think of innovation as creativity and flashes of inspiration but really, it’s just a process. What we do with the workshops is take people through from inception to selling their idea.

“It’s important to be able to sell your idea because there’s naturally a lot of competition for scarce resources - time and money.”

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