Fatigue calculator

The fatigue calculator is designed to help keep you safe. Find out your likelihood of being fatigued in three easy steps.

Your likelihood of fatigue

Sleep history
Total sleep in the last 48 hours
= 0 hours

Your current likelihood of fatigue

Fatigue score:

Your projected likelihood of fatigue

  1. Low
  2. Moderate
  3. High
  4. Extreme

Important information

Fatigue level Action required
Low Good to go? Continue to monitor fatigue. Note the assessment on HazChat.
Moderate Discuss with team/crew, decide on appropriate controls. Consider whether high risk tasks should occur. Advise Supervisor if appropriate. Controls may include self and peer monitoring, task rotation, increased breaks, pacing work load. Note the assessment and actions on HazChat.
High Stop Work. Discuss controls with crew/team and with Supervisor. High risk tasks should not be performed. Controls may include increased supervision, task re-assignment, buddy check, arrange back-up, transport alternatives may be required. Note the assessment and actions on HazChat.
Extreme Stop Work (or do not commence). Discuss contingency with supervisor. Controls are unlikely to be sufficient. Make arrangements to convey worker home. Continuing with any work requires GM approval. Note the assessment and actions on HazChat.

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