Working with us via the Ariba network

In December 2019, Energy Queensland Limited (EQL) successfully introduced a cloud-based platform called SAP Ariba® which facilitates supplier registrations, record management, sourcing/tendering and contract management. This has allowed EQL to streamline and manage supplier registration requests, requests for tenders, contract management and supplier performance through the Ariba network allowing us to move away from paper and manually transmitted documents. Some of the benefits our suppliers have experienced from the SAP Ariba cloud solution include:

  • Manage your business details - you have control over your data and be able to manage your registration details at any time – saving you time
  • by updating them any time you need to without the need to engage with us
  • Better security – your banking information is entered and stored directly into Ariba by you, so you no longer need to supply your bank details in an unsecured way over the phone or via email to EQL.

To continue our digital transformation journey, on 1 December 2021, we extended the capability of SAP Ariba to include, Commerce Automation (e-Commerce), upgrading our procurement and accounts payable system to obtain efficiency to make it easier to do business with us.

Ariba Commerce automation is only being used by our Digital and Retail Business units at present, therefore only suppliers to those business units have been invited to trade with us electrically from 1 December 2021. If you are a current supplier to us and have not been contacted about Ariba Commerce Automation, you are likely not supplying to these business units at present and will be contacted later when the solution is extended to the remainder of our buyers.

What is Ariba Commerce Automation?

Ariba Commerce Automation connects buyers with suppliers to digitally manage purchase orders, invoices and payments. Through your Ariba Network Account, buyers can digitally send purchasing information and suppliers can receive and complete the necessary steps in a workbench for each purchase order making it easier to transact together.

Ariba Commerce automation offers two types of account (Ariba Enterprise Account and Ariba Standard Account) which are free when you engage with EQL. The type of account you choose to have is a matter of personal preference in how you want to mange your transactional information on the Ariba Network.

* Fees and charges may apply if you choose to transact with other organisations outside of EQL.

What are the benefits of Ariba Commerce Automation for our suppliers?

Provides a digital self-service portal for suppliers

  • providing you with greater control over processes
  • Greater visibility of the invoicing processes
  • Functionality to electronically complete Service claims against Purchase Order to expediate payments
  • Receive real time changes to Purchase Orders electronically & quickly create and submit invoices.

Electronic invoicing over the Ariba Network

  • No need to confirm orders or send invoices through email
  • Streamlines the processing of invoices, including non-purchase orders invoices and invoices for complex services
  • Faster turnaround times to get paid.

Tender responses

  • you can submit quotes and tender offers online
  • receive information about tenders and supply arrangements in one central location from your Ariba profile.

Real time notifications

  • never miss a message or update
  • all communications are centrally held with Ariba for your convenience.

More opportunities

  • you can access the whole Ariba network of buyers
  • giving you more opportunities to connect and do business with other companies as well as us.

If you'd like to be an Energy Queensland supplier or if you would like to make an offer on an advertised tender, or you're a current Energy Queensland VendorPanel supplier, please create an Ariba account (see below) if you don’t already have one. This is the first step to joining our trading area or “realm” on Ariba.

How to join Ariba as an Energy Queensland supplier

If you're a current Energy Queensland supplier, you'll receive a notification from our Ariba platform to the email address we have for you, with a unique link that you must use to join our realm.

If you're already registered on Ariba, you'll click on this link to login, which will automatically connect you to register on our realm.

If you're not registered on Ariba, you can register via the same link and be automatically directed to register on our realm once you have your Ariba Account set up.

For how to register, please view our Register on Ariba Work Instructions (PDF 2.5 mb) or watch the video.

How to use Ariba

Tender response

Energy Queensland and our subsidiaries have transitioned our tender activity to the SAP Ariba platform. Tenders are still advertised on QTenders, however most submissions are facilitated by Ariba. The QTender advertisement will stipulates what system the event will be managed for your information (either Ariba or QTender).

When you register on Ariba you'll be able to participate in our tenders, subject to the terms and conditions set out on that site. For further information on how to participate, please view the Ariba Supplier Guide (PDF 1000.9 kb).

Suppliers must be registered on Ariba and part of the Energy Queensland Ariba Realm to respond to tenders in Ariba. Details on the requirement response process will be included within the QTender Invitation Overview of each tender released to market.

There are several steps in our Tender process:

  1. Register - Access the Queensland Government's QTenders website and, if you haven't already done so, register as a supplier.
  2. Login - Once you're registered with QTenders, you can log in at any time to view current tenders. You can also set up alerts which will notify you of any available tenders matching your selected criteria.
  3. View available tenders - To view current tenders, click on the 'View Tenders/Current' link. To find our tenders you'll need to use the search field at the top of the page.
  4. Accessing the tender pack
    • Via Ariba - Follow the instructions provided in the QTenders advertisement to participate in the tender over the Ariba network
    • Via QTenders - Go to Section 3 of the tender's information and click on the Specification Documents link. Click the download documents link.
  5. Submit your application
    • Via Ariba - Once registered and invited to an event, submit all your responses from your Ariba account on the Ariba network
    • Via QTenders - You must upload your tender by the due date and time listed on the tender information. Ensure your tender submission is complete as no changes can be made once it is uploaded. To upload, log in to QTenders and find the relevant tender. Click on the Electronic Response icon and upload your documents. A confirmation of your upload will be emailed to you by the QTenders system. Please keep this email.
  6. Application assessment - We'll assess all applications submitted by the due date and the successful contractor will be notified. This usually takes one to two weeks. If you're not successful we'll notify you.
  7. Contract negotiations - We'll negotiate a contract with the successful contractor. When the contract is signed, work can begin.

What's new

Vendor invoice management

We are implementing Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) to upgrade our procurement and accounts payable systems and electronically manage all invoices we receive, moving away from paper and manually transmitted documents. VIM enables all invoices to be received electronically (in PDF format only) and uses optical character recognition technology to read information from the invoice for faster processing. Read more in Invoice Tips and Tricks (PDF 394.6 kb).


Do I have to join Ariba?

We prefer our suppliers to register and utilise the Ariba network however, it's not mandatory. We recommend you familiarise yourself with our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF 365.6 kb) and Privacy Statement.

To help you decide whether you want to register on the Ariba network, you may also want to review the Ariba Product Policies.

If you decide to not join Ariba, contact us to ask about the process to engage with us as a supplier directly.

Does it cost anything to join Ariba?

There are no fees to register as a supplier on the Ariba network, or to place a bid on a tender, or to request a quote. You could incur fees by transacting with other customers on the Ariba network but at this time, there are no costs associated when you transact with us.

What information will Energy Queensland collect on the Ariba network and where will it be stored?

We collect only the information that we need in order to transact with you. The information is securely stored on Ariba’s cloud network and is subject to our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF 365.6 kb) and Privacy Statement.

Where do I find and lodge Tenders?

Tenders will be lodged through QTender. You can find and respond to our tenders on Ariba.